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Plan more than your next article

Go beyond Clearscope’s one-off article suggestions. Build your entire content strategy with confidence, knowing Surfer plans and optimizes each piece to connect with your audience and rank.


SEOs and content marketers


For content optimization

"The search console integration with Content Planner has helped us automate crucial steps in our optimization process."
Jeremy Galante
Jeremy Galante
Jeremy Galante at ClickUp

For content planning

“I created 32 high-quality text briefings in 4,5 hours (keyword research and competitor analysis included). It was enough to fill in the editorial calendar for the next two months.”
Matthis Jansen
Matthis Jansen

For content writing

“Creating SEO-driven briefs is a snap with Content Editor and writers love it because of how straight-forward the recommendations are.”
Steve Toth
Steve Toth
Consultant, SEO Notebook

For keyword research

“While the Content Editor is the core piece of technology, the Content Planner, SERP analyzer and Keyword Research tools are just as valuable.”
Michael Brito
Michael Brito
Global Head of Analytics, Zeno Group

Amazing content on the wrong topics doesn’t convert leads

Building your content strategy shouldn’t feel like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it’ll stick.

Clearscope is great at giving you topics to write about. But lots of content on the wrong topics won’t drive organic traffic that engages and generates revenue.

Surfer vs. Clearscope

Create content that attracts and converts your ideal buyers

Lean on Surfer to research, plan, outline, write, and optimize with confidence.


Optimize content in any language

Clearscope works in 5 languages. Surfer lets you create and optimize content in any language. Connect with audiences from countries all over the world.


Publish content that works hard for your site

Improve your SEO efforts both on individual posts and for your whole content strategy. Plan out your long-term content calendar knowing you’re giving readers what they want.


Create content that dominates your niche

Surfer helps you understand the gaps in your content and gives you easy-fixes to improve your rankings today.


Know how to beat competitors for the #1 spot

In-depth SERP analysis increases your chances of writing better content and being featured at the top of the results page.


Write optimized content everywhere

Use Surfer to create briefs and outlines. Then write your content or get your team to write it for you in WordPress, Webflow, Google Docs, or our native content editor.


Save time with key integrations

Are you a Jasper customer? Use Surfer's Content Editor tool inside Jasper to see how strong your on-page SEO is as you work on your articles.


The Best SEO & Content Creation tools packed in to one app

Your time is valuable. Learning a new interface slows you down. Adding an extra monthly subscription cuts into profits. It's time you simplified and streamlined your SEO strategy. Look no further than Surfer to create content that ranks (and keeps ranking, even after you hit publish!)


Discover how to climb up the rankings — even if you’re a beginner SEO

The Surfer Academy is packed with tips and tricks to help you become an SEO expert. And it’s all included in your plan.

Over 4 hours of introductory content
Live training sessions every week
Access to the SEO Writing Masterclass

Surfer vs. Clearscope

50+ expert Surfer writers ready to help your content rank

Speed up your creation process by outsourcing your content writing and optimization to Surfer experts.

Graphics showing a woman with the note freelancer and a logo with the note agency.
50+ writers available
Filter slider which you can set the price range.
Pay as low as $0.01 per word
Checkboxes with the Polish flag and the note Polish, and the US flag and the note English.
Find writers in 14 languages
Online 7 days

From strategy to optimization with help from our support team

Get fast and helpful support from the team at Surfer.

Start for free
Photos of four employees from the support team. and a description that they solve problems efficiently and quickly.

Surfer vs. Clearscope

Keep up with ever-changing SEO challenges — stay ahead of your competitors

Surfer has a dedicated tech team working to keep up with changes in SEO. With bi-weekly updates on product and content optimization tools, there are no long waits for fixes or new features.


Frequently Asked Questions
Is this going to work in my language?

Surfer not only works in most languages but it also uses Natural Language Programming, meaning when you use the content editor you get pre-written content that sounds like a human wrote it.

Is it a suitable tool for a niche blog?

Surfer gives you concrete SEO guidelines customized to your brand and niche. Create a niched SEO content strategy with confidence, knowing your entire strategy is optimized to connect with your audience and rank every time.

Will my external writers benefit from Surfer?

Push optimized content and content outlines straight to your writers for quick collaboration. Save time and always be on the same page with your writers about optimized topics and layouts.

Can I work with Surfer directly in WordPress or Google Docs?

Surfer integrates directly with Wordpress and Google Docs, allowing writers to understand the SEO score of what they are writing in real time. SEO optimization no longer has to be implemented after-the-fact; it can be done during the content creation process, regardless where you and your team prefer to work.

Can I create content briefs with Surfer?

Yes, you can create content briefs with Surfer. Build an article outline in minutes. Get AI content and optimized paragraphs categorized under the correct headers, saving you time. Have peace of mind that you’re creating relevant and useful content that is always engaging your audience.

Can Surfer help me optimize my content creation process?

Surfer is a content optimization tool with key features to help you target relevant keywords, based on search engines data and the search volume you’re aiming for. These keyword suggestions ensure your content creation process is built to rank on search engines results pages, by giving you detailed content briefs with relevant terms to your website’s content.

Will I rank at the top of the SERPs with Surfer?

Surfer’s content optimization tool includes an in-depth SERP analyzer. With its search engine optimization, it looks at current ranking organic search results and gives you a content brief that tells you exactly what you need to write to beat other ranking articles.

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Screenshot of Surfer SEO Content Editor interface, displaying the 'Essential Content Marketing Metrics' article with a content score of 82/100. The editor highlights sections like 'Key Takeaways' and offers SEO suggestions for terms such as 'content marketing metrics