The MarketMuse alternative that makes SEO available to everyone

Everyone deserves better rankings and traffic — not just the big guys

SEO shouldn’t be ‘pay to win’. Surfer is easy to use and works in any language. With Surfer, everyone can create content that engages, drives traffic, and outranks the competition.


SEOs and content marketers



“The app made it easy for my team and I to create content that has a high probability of ranking on the SERPs.”
Jimmy Rodela
Jimmy Rodela

Small businesses

“Using Surfer feels like cracking the code to what matters in search results.”
Stanford Swanson
Stanford Swanson
SEO Specialist, Fusion Medical Staffing


“Two days after doing precisely what Surfer told me to do, I moved straight into the number 1 position.”
Matthew Woodward
Matthew Woodward

Growing businesses

“With an unmatched NLP engine and easy-to-use content editor, Surfer is a key addition to any SEO team's toolbox."
Jeremy Galante
Jeremy Galante
Senior SEO Manager, ClickUp


“I was able to see HUGE increases in rankings, impressions and clicks from the Google SERPS within 60 days of using the platform.”
Michael Brito
Michael Brito
Global Head of Analytics, Zeno Group

You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to rank

MarketMuse can get wildly expensive for small businesses. On top of their subscription, they make you buy extra credits to get AI-produced briefs and content.

Smarter SEO should be an easy call — not a break-your-budget decision.

Surfer vs. MarketMuse

Get premium rankings without the premium price tag

Surfer gives you all the tools you need to research, plan, outline, write, and optimize content to outrank your competition — without the high prices.


Get topic suggestions your audience and Google love.


Click to create an entire content plan in minutes.


Generate briefs with headlines and keywords.


In WordPress, Google Docs or Surfer, for fast collaboration.


Improve your SEO with an automated stream of ideas.

Surfer vs. MarketMuse

Pay less, get more — with Surfer


Write and optimize content in any language

With Surfer, you aren’t limited to only English and Spanish. You can write, optimize, and connect with an audience in any language—anywhere in the world.


Do more than organize content

Plan your entire content strategy to rank for your domain, industry, and niche. Surfer goes beyond a content calendar. With in-depth SERP analysis, you know exactly what to write and how to rank it.


Write where you love writing

Use Surfer to create briefs and outlines that easily integrate with Google Docs, Webflow, WordPress, or our native content editor. Write, collaborate, and optimize content faster.


Create content that answers people’s questions

Content on the right topic but wrong intent doesn’t get conversions. Hit the mark every time with Surfer’s search intent detector, to give both readers and search engines what they want.


Build topic clusters with ease

Know exactly which internal pages to link to gain authority and build relevant topic clusters. You don’t have to swing blindly at a piñata to get your pages ranking on search engines — you just need Surfer.


The Best SEO & Content Creation tools packed in to one app

Your time is valuable. Learning a new interface slows you down. Adding an extra monthly subscription cuts into profits. It's time you simplified and streamlined your SEO strategy. Look no further than Surfer to create content that ranks (and keeps ranking, even after you hit publish!)


Discover how to climb up the rankings — without paying big bucks

The Surfer Academy is packed with tips and tricks to help you become an SEO expert with our content optimization tool. And it’s all included in your plan—no extra fees.

Over 4 hours of introductory content
Live training sessions every week
Access to the SEO Writing Masterclass

Surfer vs. MarketMuse

50+ expert Surfer writers ready to help your content rank

Speed up your creation process by outsourcing your content writing and optimization to Surfer experts.

Graphics showing a woman with the note freelancer and a logo with the note agency.
50+ writers available
Filter slider which you can set the price range.
Pay as low as $0.01 per word
Checkboxes with the Polish flag and the note Polish, and the US flag and the note English.
Find writers in 14 languages
Online 7 days

Get more results with help from our support team

Our support team is the second biggest team at Surfer, after our dev team. That means someone’s always ready to help you, fast.

Start now
Photos of four employees from the support team. and a description that they solve problems efficiently and quickly.

Surfer vs. MarketMuse

Keep up with ever-changing SEO challenges — stay ahead of your competitors

Surfer has a dedicated tech team working to keep up with changes in SEO. With bi-weekly updates on product and content optimization tools, there are no long waits for fixes or new features.


Frequently Asked Questions
Do I still need to optimize my content for SEO?

Surfer optimizes your content for you. It does extensive keyword research with its SERP analyzer to help you plan, create, and publish optimized content that drives more organic traffic to your site.  Anyone can get better at SEO and outrank their competition with Surfer’s content optimization tool. Start today with a 30-day money back guarantee. Higher ranking content that engages is only a few clicks away.

How can I learn how to use Surfer in the best way possible?

With Surfer, you’re supported at every step of the SEO process. Reach out to support to get help reaching your goals or lean on them to get the most out of every feature. Get foundational live training every week and 4 hours of free content when you sign up today.

Can I work with Surfer in WordPress or Google Docs?

Yes, you can. Save time by using Surfer’s content editor directly in WordPress and Google Docs. Write and collaborate faster with Surfer content optimization software and integrations.

Can I create a content brief with Surfer?

Of course you can. Create briefs in minutes that outline your article topics, highlight key headers and paragraphs, and keyword suggestions. Surfer automatically generates content for you with natural language processing and its AI content intelligence, completing your brief in no time. Know exactly what you need to write and how to write it to move up and rank higher.

What are content optimization tools?

Surfer’s content optimization tools give SEOs concrete guidelines — with a content editor and keyword research tool — so that SEO optimization is no longer a guessing game.