The Frase alternative that works before & after you write your content

Surfer keeps optimizing after you hit publish

Frase stops when your content goes live. Surfer helps you plan, outline and write content that ranks and keeps ranking.


SEOs and content marketers


For content optimization

"The search console integration with Content Planner has helped us automate crucial steps in our optimization process."
Jeremy Galante
Jeremy Galante
Jeremy Galante at ClickUp

For content planning

“I created 32 high-quality text briefings in 4,5 hours (keyword research and competitor analysis included). It was enough to fill in the editorial calendar for the next two months.”
Matthis Jansen
Matthis Jansen

For content writing

“Creating SEO-driven briefs is a snap with Content Editor and writers love it because of how straight-forward the recommendations are.”
Steve Toth
Steve Toth
Consultant, SEO Notebook

For keyword research

“While the Content Editor is the core piece of technology, the Content Planner, SERP analyzer and Keyword Research tools are just as valuable.”
Michael Brito
Michael Brito
Global Head of Analytics, Zeno Group

Frase focuses on 1 piece of the SEO puzzle

It’s hard to write great content. It’s harder without research, briefs, and outlines.

Frase prioritizes the writing part of your SEO process. They pay little attention to keyword research, outlines, briefs or optimizing your content after it goes live.

You’re left guessing:

  • Your content strategy
  • How to outrank competitors
  • How to keep your content topping the SERPs
“I wish they would prioritize the AI to make their initial product better (research, briefs, outlines) rather than investing too much in AI writing features.”

Verified Frase review on G2.com

Surfer vs. Frase

Get the missing pieces of the SEO puzzle with Surfer

Keyword & topic ideas, AI-generated outlines, content optimization tools, and tips for new & old content. Surfer helps you become a stronger SEO at every step of the content creation journey.

Launch a smart SEO strategy

Rank like an expert

Show Google you know your stuff with a content strategy that matches your users’ intent.

Rank long after you publish

Leave competitors behind

Dominate the SERPs with optimization tips that outrank any other content for your topic. Get internal link suggestions after you hit publish so your content stays at the top of the rankings.


Write optimized content everywhere

Use Surfer to create briefs and outlines. Then write your content or get your team to write it for you in WordPress, Webflow, Google Docs or our native content editor.


Frase supports 8 languages — Surfer supports ALL languages

Build a winning content strategy in any language with Surfer — from keyword research to post-publish optimization.


Save time, get tons of content ideas

Use the Content Planner to get dozens of ideas for your next articles. Quickly find topics for your content and never run out of ideas.


Be #1 in your niche

Plan and write content for clusters that will turn you into an authority in your niche. Enter your keyword and the Content Planner gives your relevant topics for you to target with your next articles.


The Best SEO & Content Creation tools packed in to one app

Your time is valuable. Learning a new interface slows you down. Adding an extra monthly subscription cuts into profits. It's time you simplified and streamlined your SEO strategy. Look no further than Surfer to create content that ranks (and keeps ranking, even after you hit publish!)


Free training to help you plan, write and optimize your content

The Surfer Academy is packed with tips and tricks to help you become an SEO expert, increase your content score, and aid in your content creation. And it’s all included in your plan.

Over 4 hours of introductory content
Live training sessions every week
Access to the SEO Writing Masterclass

Surfer vs. Frase

50+ expert Surfer writers ready to help your content rank

Speed up your creation process by outsourcing your content writing and optimization to Surfer experts.

Graphics showing a woman with the note freelancer and a logo with the note agency.
50+ writers available
Filter slider which you can set the price range.
Pay as low as $0.01 per word
Checkboxes with the Polish flag and the note Polish, and the US flag and the note English.
Find writers in 14 languages
Online 7 days

Stuck with planning? Content briefs? Writing? We’re here to help

Get fast and trustworthy support from the team at Surfer.

Start for free
Photos of four employees from the support team. and a description that they solve problems efficiently and quickly.

Surfer vs. Frase

Keep up with ever-changing SEO challenges — stay ahead of your competitors

Surfer has a dedicated tech team working to keep up with changes in SEO. With bi-weekly updates on product and content optimization tools, there are no long waits for fixes or new features.


Frequently Asked Questions
Is Surfer advanced enough to produce usable outlines/content?

You bet. Surfer uses SERP competition, machine learning algorithms, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) so you can be confident that the content you create will be reader friendly and ready to climb up the search result pages.

How fast can I see an improvement in my ranking?

It depends. Customers like Matthew Woodward ranked number 1 two days after following Surfer’s suggestions. Another customer, Oksana Kosachenko, saw organic traffic grow by 15% in their first month using Surfer. We can’t guarantee you’ll hit the top spot. But all content you create with Surfer will follow proven guidelines to improve your content score.

Will Surfer help me beat my competitors in search engines? Will Surfer help me beat my competitors in search engines?

Surfer is used by SEOs across the world to create content that rises to the top of the rankings. Using SERP analyzer, you can see what keywords your rivals rank for, how their pages are optimized, and what backlinks they have. You can then use this data to outrank them. 

Can I work with Surfer directly in WordPress or Google Docs?

Surfer integrates directly with Wordpress and Google Docs, allowing writers to understand the SEO score of what they are writing in real time. SEO optimization no longer has to be implemented after-the-fact; it can be done during the content creation process, regardless where you and your team prefer to work.

Can I create a content brief with Surfer?

Absolutely. You’ll get optimized briefs and outlines for your blog post in minutes with Surfer. Our Outline Builder suggests unique headlines and paragraphs (paragraphs aren’t available in all languages yet) based on competitors’ content that will boost your content in a user’s organic search. Click on the suggestions you like, add them to the Content Editor, and watch the tool work for you.

What is content optimization software?

SEO optimization software isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s critical for a robust content marketing strategy. Surfer gives you all of the SEO tools you need, with key features to create SEO content that boosts your ranking. With content strategy tools — content creation tools that help you nail the right keyword density and a content editing tool to incorporate ready-made headers and paragraphs — you can optimize new and existing content. Surfer combines all of the SERP data so you can leverage it to rank higher and drive more organic traffic to your website.

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Screenshot of Surfer SEO Content Editor interface, displaying the 'Essential Content Marketing Metrics' article with a content score of 82/100. The editor highlights sections like 'Key Takeaways' and offers SEO suggestions for terms such as 'content marketing metrics