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We believe
there’s a better way
to do on-page SEO

Manually analysing all of your organic competitors takes way too much time. We know that, because we’ve been doing SEO for over 13 years.

Our data-driven model eliminates human error

Reverse engineering

Search engines don't judge or define value without data. And Surfer breaks it down like no other tool. With reverse engineering of the top fifty results, Surfer analyzes 500+ factors that may impact your rankings. Therefore you know what's working right NOW for YOUR keyword.

Data-driven SEO

Surfer uses a data-driven model, which is a viable choice for busy SEOs, marketers, and content creators. Data-driven SEO is about making decisions based on datasets instead of so-called industry standards. No guess work. You can see what's working for top-performing pages and use that knowledge to outrank them.

“In KS, the agency I founded in 2008, we were determined to base our work on data. We built an internal tool, KSEO, which later was revamped and introduced to the outside world as Surfer. Instead of spending hundreds of hours to do manual input, we could now use that time to serve more clients and rank higher for highly competitive keywords. We finally decided to share our methodology to help others refine their approach to on-page optimization, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.”

Slawek Czajkowski

CEO at Surfer

Let Surfer take your content strategy to the next level and outrank your competitors.

What drives us

Our goal is to simplify on-page SEO for everyone. We’re endlessly passionate about it and we envision Surfer as a go-to platform for smart teams who want to build and write better pages. Fast.

Who uses Surfer

Surfer provides SEOs, marketers, and content creators with an easy-to-follow recipe for higher rankings. Anyone with basic SEO knowledge can benefit from the vast array of capabilities it offers.

How we work

We put our customers front and centre—everything we do is designed to help their SEO efforts succeed. And we want our product and educational efforts to reflect that.

To boost your SEO efforts, Surfer will draw on avenues other than data, too

“This tool can be a game changer in on-page optimization.”

Maciej Chmurkowski

“Surfer is a quick yet extremely accurate way to get data-driven advice for your site.”

Matt Diggity
Diggity Media

“Surfers interface is simple and easy to understand, the data is second to none and its a must-have for on-page SEO.”

Craig Campbell
Glasgow SEO Expert

“Surfer is the perfect balance between ease of use and depth of data. They understand SEO and make optimizing for your queries accessible to the masses.”

Gaël Breton
Authority Hacker

“I haven't seen this combination of features ever before. It's so easy and intuitive.”

“Any writer can produce well optimized content based on the information from Surfer's audit.”

Richard Hammond
Grey Mist Digital

“Instead of manual research, which takes A LOT of time, I get a comprehensive competition analysis I can rely on when building a strategy for my clients.”

Daniel Wolszon

“There’s no other tool that would do the thing Surfer does so well.”

Kamil Demidowski
Fox Strategy

“If you want some quick wins without spending money, Surfer is a shortcut to achieve that.”

Chris Romero
Full Scale SEO

Let Surfer take your content strategy to the next level and outrank your competitors.

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