Meet Surfer’s team!

Our goal is to simplify on-page SEO for everyone. We're endlessly passionate about it and we envision Surfer as a go-to platform for smart teams who want to build and write better pages.

Sławomir Czajkowski

SEO is his passion pursued for over 12 years at the founder of agency, and now as CEO at Surfer. He co-created strategies for hundreds of projects. Online marketing feels for him like home. Creating Surfer and conveying valuable knowledge make his dreams come true.

Lucjan Suski
Michał Suski

Digital marketing and websites quality enthusiast. Skilled SEO and successful team leader. In IT since 2014, experienced in quality assurance, content and technical optimization. Tireless feedback collector.  

Kazimierz Piętka
Tomasz Niezgoda
Mateusz Tuński