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I'm actually not a content writer myself, but I signed up for the course because I help manage a website agency and I hire content writers. I wanted to learn more about the content writing world so that I can provide the best results for our clients, and I learned even more than I expected. I especially appreciated the details in lesson 3/7 that gave me actionable steps to be a better "client" to my writers so they can do their jobs even better, which will benefit our business and our clients. I've asked my writers to take this same course and promised an increase in pay once they master it.


Michał Suski

Co-Founder of Surfer

Digital marketing and websites quality enthusiast. Skilled SEO and successful team leader. In IT since 2014, experienced in quality assurance, content and technical optimization. Tireless feedback collector.


Kate Toon

SEO Copywriter

An award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with over two decades of experience in all things advertising, digital and writing.

Jessica Foster

Strategist at Keys&Copy

Jessica is an SEO Content Writer and Strategist at Keys&Copy – a content agency that helps businesses generate more organic traffic and leads.

Christopher Jan Benitez

Swiss Army Knife Marketer

Practicing freelance writer following the best on-page SEO practices for content.