Free Article Outline Generator - Unique, AI generated and ready-to-use outlines in seconds | Product Hunt
Free Article Outline Generator - Unique, AI generated and ready-to-use outlines in seconds | Product Hunt

Free AI Article Outline Generator

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Content outline generator

Surfer wants to help you write clear, concise and fully-optimized content! You all have asked, and we have listened! We're so grateful for this SEO community and we want to give back to you, our users!For most content marketers, the first step in the writing process is finding relevant information, researching, and creating a blog post outline to organize their ideas. Let's be honest though: high quality content takes time, and that's why we've created a simple tool to optimize the  process for you! Your brainstorming and writing processes just got 100 times more efficient, and trust us: your future self will thank you for using this tool! Our idea: create an AI-backed outline generator to help you now, and with future posts.

What is the Blog Outline Generator?

It's a free integrated tool open to anyone who want to draft amazing outlines without spending two to three hours on the web searching for templates that don't match the topic in question, or visiting dodgy websites that claim to generate outlines for you, but actually complicate the writing  process. Surfer's easy-to-use outline generator relies on AI to create and write outlines from introduction to conclusion. It's one of the many resources Surfer offers its writers to save time, optimize their workflow and improve their content.

How do I use the content outline generator?

It's easy!

First things first: what's your article about? Once you know what you plan to write your blog about, open the content editor on the Surfer website.

You'll see "Content Score" on the right-hand side of the screen. Right next to where it says "guidelines" you'll see "BRIEF." Click there to get your blog post outline started! In this section, is where the content magic happens. This AI tool is what we use to generate ideas for your outline. You'll see a list of headers--H1, H2, H3 and H4--and if you click for more details you'll see that there are AI-generated paragraphs full of all the yummy keywords you care about which you can then add to your articles.

The super-smart AI makes a point to develop relevant copy that you can easily add to your text, hopefully making your job as a content writer a bit less tedious!

3 Tips to make the most of the article outline generator:

1. Make sure to create a content editor first!
You won't be able to use this as a stand-alone tool. You will have already defined the main goals of your article, gathered ideas and determined which keywords you want to rank for using the Surfer app.

2. Based on the content editor guidelines, explore the headers and add them your blog  or article. If the topic you're writing about needs to have 3 H2 and 5 H4, for example, save time by scrolling through the suggested ideas in Brief which makes outlines and content creation a piece of cake! Create an H2, and easily share it so that it appears in the main text of your article. Brief is one of our favorite new resources because the texts are easy to edit, the title is clear, and the topic is usually full of relevant keywords for your blog or article.  

3. Edit! Every single content writer knows how important it is to proofread their work. You can use this feature to save time, but never at the expense of quality or coherence. You want your audience to use your content as a resource, so make sure that your articles still sound like they were written by a person! Generating fast content is fun, but you're the real writer! Try not to forget that part!

Writer's Block: "I have NO idea what write about. Now what?"

It can seem like an impossible task to open the content editor and see 35 headers for optimal range, right? What happens when you hit a wall and have no idea what to write about next, let alone which headers to include?

At the very bottom of the Brief section, you'll find "Topics and Questions" which can help generate more ideas and keep your writing flowing. Whenever you fill out the Content Editor, you provide the keywords, location, and general idea of what you're writing about, so let the AI write. It'll take it from there!

The best part is that you can write articles about a variety of topics whether or not you're an expert! Brief makes the idea to writing stage even shorter, but for those moments when you need a push, don't forget to check out the "competitors" section! Here you'll get a better idea as to what, and how, your competitors tackle the same topic.


We've added this feature to our website because we truly value you, our Surfer family. Our goal is to generate tools and resources that make your writing process as painless and as precise as possible. If you have an idea worth sharing, you know how to reach us!

We hope that writing outlines is less tedious and more fun. Although there are sure to be cool modifications in the future, the beta version of Brief is one we're quite proud of! If you're reading this, you're our target audience, so make sure to share any feedback you may have! Your input is what brought us to this point, and generating upgrades that matter to you is our top priority!