Prominent words and phrases

Michał Suski
August 14, 2019

Inside this article:

How we improved content analysis in Surfer with small update of common and popular words and phrases section.

The most important words and phrases with numbers

New tab is available!

We had two goals while making this refinement. Firstly, we wanted to exclude words that are not really important by what I mean excluding words that appear on pages only once but commonly on at least 4 out of top 10. A user gets a list of the most important words and phrases related to the analyzed keyword.

The second goal was to improve the user experience. We added metrics that contain frequency, keyword count and density for each prominent word and phrase. The list is way more useful since you know how many times each phrase should be used. Before the change user had just words and phrases, but no information about their density.

How to use prominent words

The section is made of two tabs and four columns. You can switch between words and phrases by tabs and get details from the table.

Switch between words and phrases easily.

Words and phrases

The first column contains words and phrases ordered by their appearance in top 10 ranking pages.


Find out how many pages used certain word or phrase. This value orders the list to show you which words and phrases are the most common.


A simple metric that tells you how many times word or phrase appears per 100 words.

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Number of occurrences

Get actual count of each word and phrase. Now you know how many times your competitors used it.

The new section will speed up the process of content creation and optimization by providing data about all the important words and phrases to use. The second iteration will allow you to compare your website with the list.

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