Say Hello to Organizations in Surfer!

Tomasz Niezgoda
September 7, 2021

Inside this article:

A couple of weeks ago, one of our customers (cheers Kyle!) asked us about an option for adding users to his account. Well, it turned out that a lot of people share the same need. 

And because we build Surfer with a clear approach – to help our users work smarter and faster – we couldn't refuse. So we jumped into the next product cycle and incorporated this solution. 

We are excited to announce that from now on you can invite anyone to the Surfer organization! 

That means no more necessity for sharing one account between you and your colleagues. You can just go to the organization settings, send an invitation link, and collaborate!

Quick FAQ

Who can use this feature? 

Everyone on Pro plan and higher! 

Can I invite people outside Surfer to join my organization?


Can I be a member of multiple organizations?



The organization is a shared workspace connected with your Surfer subscription. This means, that all of your team members will operate under one pricing plan. For example, if you have an active Pro subscription, you can now invite 3 more members to your organization!


To invite your team members to your organization you have to send a unique invitation link. If they’re already Surfer users there’s nothing to do. If not, they will need to sign up (it’s free!). 

You can invite or remove your team members whenever you want. You can reset your invitation link every time you invite new members if you want to feel super secure or keep it and pin it in your organization’s knowledge base. It’s always up to you! 

What comes along with this update? 

From now on, all new analyses will be enriched with NLP (Natural-Language Processing) algorithms by default! What’s more, we decided to remove limits from SERP Analyzer and Content Planner tools (fair-usage policy applies). And of course, if you are a Pro (or higher) subscriber, you can invite people to share your Surfer account. 

You can check our new pricing here. 

Thanks for being a Surfer customer! Let us know what you think about this update! 

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