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Hi folks, I'll keep this short and sweet for all of you.

I've been working on testing a new content optimization strategy with a friend Liam Fallen, to test the effectiveness of Surfer SEO software on a competitive low-ranking keyword.

The progress is still ongoing, but after a few weeks we wanted to give everyone an update!

Right now, using only the data provided by Surfer, we have managed to take the keyword from 50th position to 6th position in less than three weeks.

At Surfer, we like to let the results speak for themselves.

We started with a website review

We decided to focus our efforts on this specific keyword because we could see it had some very well optimized websites ranking above it and also because we love a good challenge!

The page we started with had no previous optimisation and was used for a keyword density test by Liam. We decided this page was perfect to target the keyword ‘Technical seo for wordpress’. The page already had a lot of content and ranked around 50th, which made it perfect for our test.

Data-driven on page analysis

Here at Surfer, we are driven by results!

Our customers results drive our own results so we need to practice what we preach and deliver on what we promise our customers.

We know our customers want to improve their rankings.

This is why we made it as easy as possible to pick a keyword, run an analysis in Surfer and look for ways in which to improve your rankings!

Here is an example Surfer Audit from the 18th October. Check audit here!

A few errors and many common words missing

As you can see there are specific errors that Surfer has found for us to improve.

Common elements missing

We found one of the main areas for improvement was the huge content gap. There were 52 phrases missing that we agreed to add to improve the content, which directly impacted the results of this test.

Common words missing

Need more content!

We hoped to just tweak a few things here and there but we ended up adding a few hundred words to the article.

It wasn’t that bad but we did have a lot of stuff to add.

The article was already long-form and with our enhancements it ended up with just over 2,500 words in total. Afterwards, we did another audit which you can see here (second audit) to see the impact of our changes.

Changes summary

  • 300 words added
  • new headings added
  • content gap filled (missing common words count reduced)
  • keyword density slightly raised

It took 2 hours to analyze and update the content, we watched the page do the Google dance and the results worked out pretty good, considering we made minor tweaks to the content and META-data.

Quick wins are everywhere if you’re using the right tools and looking in the right places, especially when you make decisions based on a data-driven approach to SEO.

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Stable top ten position reached

Google indexed changes on November 2nd, danced with us a bit and stabilized just under top 10. Content stayed the same and when it settled down page raised up again to the top ten and now ranks in #6.

Ranking is stable

Was this test worth it? Definitely.

Could we do it without Surfer? Yes, but would we? No.

Surfer made this really easy for us to accomplish and it would take a lot longer to get the same results not using Surfer!

Please note: the testing site is no longer online as we are always testing new strategies we like to keep our test sites a secret.

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Author: Michał Suski

Michał Suski

Digital marketing and websites quality enthusiast. Skilled SEO and successful team leader. In IT since 2014, experienced in quality assurance, content and technical optimization. Tireless feedback collector.  

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